Negatory is a faction on Scottland Studios (SS) created by M_0_M_M_Y.

Home to the Cake Boat House, where loot sharing and frequent contests are located. Coords are 1590, 55, 2645. Rules for each contest are posted on Scottland Studios Forums.

Currently, Negatory is closed to new members. Requests to join will be responded with "negatory." Once Negatory is secured, new members may be accepted and will be paid weekly for loyalty. Negatory members must never repeatedly overpower the weak, as this behavior discourages new players to SS Factions. Members breaking the IRL Core Values will result in being kicked from Negatory.

IRL Core Values:

  • Integrity :: We raid only declared enemies. We never lie to get inside another faction's base. We don't scam. We only fight worthy opponents. We never murder (killing non-enemies). We do not break SS rules in chat. We honor the Creator (SS owner Zack Scott).
  • Rations :: We give to the needy, the factionlesss and one-person factions.
  • Loyalty :: We do not betray our faction members.

Cake Boat House Contests: (all prizes in SS Factions currency)

  • Giveaway :: $50,000 prize, Lmac77 only participant and winner.
  • Poetry Contest :: $50,000 prize, all participants winners (Lmac77, Hi_Islander, and SeanieRaymond).
  • Halloween Contest :: $50,000 & God Apple prize, redskinslova winner.
  • Treasure Hunt :: Announced on SS Forums on November 7, 2014.
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