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First Appearance

Episode 14 - Ashley's Tour

Final Appearance

Episode 439 - April Fool's!

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"What's up, party people""
―- Clark

mytitans (aka Clark) is a veteran player of the Scottland Minecraft server from Ohio. Prior to joining the server he was a gaming buddy of Zack, Rozz, Wil, and Tallman. His first appearance on the server was in "Episode 14 - Ashley's Tour".

Clark owned a channel called "ClarkReviews" in which he played games and reviews a film. Zack revealed in an episode that Clark had previously owned a channel called "ClarkMasturbates" in which he masturbated and played Minecraft. According to Clark in Episode 155, he used a time machine to go back and prevent it from being created.

Like many players in early Scottland, Clark created a mining company called "The C Company" which was later ripped off my Samuel's "The S Company". Attempting to rebrand, he turned his home into a castle and created an elaborate indoor treehouse with hanging pumpkins. He also created a tennis court where he played Deadly Tennis or "Dennis", he also discovered an ancient space invader near his area.

Clark decided to move away from his castle after someone anonymously griefed his tree house by burning it down, leaving his area up for grabs. Clark's mission on finding a new area lead him to find a tropical area which, unknowing to him, was near Zack's new home. In his new area, Clark built a traditional Polynesian home.

Clark and Zack Scott left "gifts" at their respective houses, which were always featured in at least one episode. Some of Clark's notable gifts to Zack were dozens of boats, mushrooms, a coral reef, and a Friendship horse. Likewise, some of Zack's notable gifts were the large water dam, minecarts on rails, torches, and a villager takeover.

Clark stopped playing Minecraft after he stopped enjoying the game and thus stopped appearing in the series. Clark appeared once again during Adam's April Fool's banning. Clark jokingly (or not) claimed that he disliked Adam because he took his old area and tore down all his old builds. He made the bold statement "Zack, maybe just in the future just make sure you're not inviting people that are just trying to further their YouTube accounts. Clark showed desire to claim his old land back and tear down all of Adam's builds.

Clark's final appearance in the Scottland series was in the April Fool's reveal. His final words in the series were "Got you good chicken fuckers!"


  • "There's no such thing as a bad sandwich, there's only sandwiches that are better than others. That's it."
  • "What's up party people?"
  • "It's all an elaborate ruse to fish for compliments."
  • "Got you good chicken fuckers!"
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Clark's Space Invader which Zack spent a whole episode building up to show.


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