Mad skrill

The money shot game was created by ZackScott and introduced in Episode 407. In the episode, it was played by John , iWolfyyy , and Adam .

The game was inspired by Pogs and Jenga. It was made as a way to play Pogs on the Scottland Server.

The game is played specifically using creative mode. Players must fly around a structure made of Iron, Gold, and Diamond blocks. They then place TNT strategically to try to blow up parts of the structure. The pieces that fall to the ground are called skrill, and each have different point values. Iron is worth 1 skrill, Gold being worth 2 skrill, and Diamond being worth 3 skrill. Whoever has the most skrill at the end of the game is the winner. The game ends when the structure has been destroyed.

An skrill

A piece of Golden Skrill

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