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Mmp2011 is a member of Scottland.

She is notable for being one of Spintown's slaves, along with Crazykickasskate, Padennn, sicknessxo, and heytallman . She knows Zack from bNoid's Werewolf forums. In the first episodes she appeared in, she was not introduced, causing fans in the comments to repeatedly ask who she was.

Mmp2011 and Tallman reportedly hooked up in real life and documented their night on DailyBooth but with the site being taken down it's no longer available, this event led to Zack pestering both of them about it in the following episodes. Mac also claims that Mmp lived down the street from her.

Mmp was quite known for never joining calls and never talking to Zack during the span of 4 seasons. In "Minecraft - Bobcats and Sluts" the Scottlanders started a rumor that Mmp was slutting it up, Zack believed it was unfair to talk rumors behind her back so he invited her to the call and she accepted for once. She admitted that she in fact was slutting around.

Mmp2011 has created a beautiful beach side housing estate with pixel art, pool houses and landmarks such as a lighthouse and a bridge. She also made lots of Doctor Who pixel art, such as the Tardis


  • "I'm mmp goddammit!"
  • "EEEEP!"
  • "I'm not a hoe!"
  • "I am forever #1 slave." - on Spintown's recent video
  • "Like a whole nine months of my life digging that damn bitch"

One of mmp's skins. (alternate skin)

Mmp's Buildings

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