Left Server

First Appearance:

Episode 671 - The Walls - Hiding in a Mineshaft

Recommended By:

sicknessxo and Padennn

MjLevesque was a French-Canadian player on the Scottland Server. She was first introduced in an episode of The Walls and later fully introduced in a Holiday video. She later got the spotlight for a tour of a house she had built in Scottland. She was added around the same time that AManNamedMark.

MJ's name is pronounced Marie-Josee leh-VEK. When Zack first mentioned her during a Super Build Battle 64 episode he mispronounced it, Zack later said jokingly that she harassed him in order for him to pronounce it right.

During the Thanksgiving episode, in which she first properly appeared, she said she was thankful for health which Ninja then later interpreted as her free healthcare since she's Canadian.

MJ could typically be seen in videos chatting with Saytinn; she also got along well with the Sickland Crew, MercKing92, Kaleidocopia, Stuntajai, and Padennn. She starred in Sickness' "Girl Craft" series as well.

In Episode 692 - The Ultimate Minecrafter, MJ griefed the main Scottland area by putting string all over it, claiming it was a gift for Zack. She also built a vagina.

She is rumored to have quit Scottland after a disagreement with some of the other players. MJ appeared once more however in "Minecraft - Creeperwood", during Zack's tour of the server she hopped on the server as a VIP and joined him and the rest of the Creeperwood admins. Zack showed no discomfort towards her - showing that there was no ill will between them.

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