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First Appearance

Episode 541 - Friday the 13th






Banned (by choice)




Tiffany (Girlfriend) Moesboy (Cousin)

Minorminer69er is a mentally challenged player on the Scottland server. He is moesboy's cousin.

He would often grief things and simultaneous ask Zack if he is recording, due to this Zack put him in jail. (Since released) The purpose of the roller coaster he built was to give him more subscribers and to prove that he is a good builder and should not get banned (bannerd). Many people were impressed by the roller coaster, but Zack had to delete it along with his house because they were too close to spawn. Theheartben and smithl ended up copying his stuff to "Minorland" (the two ended up losing the coordinates). His house was rigged with TNT by Griffan several times. In his video someone wrote on the bulletin board "Ban minorminer69" He replaced it with "Minor was here. Hi Zach!". He built his house out of birch wood and emerald ore which was a visual atrocity that leads to eye-cancer. Inside his house are 2 beds, a pumpkin, and a skylight.

His signature building block is emerald ore, which he uses as his main material for all of his Scottland structures. He has probably played a lot of Minecraft Classic servers.

He also played the walls on the episode: Monsters In The Middle. At the beginning, Zack said he did not want him online. He was only on for about 30 seconds before he fell into the void. In this 30 seconds he asked if Zack is recording, which he then then stole his wood. Most likely someone pushed him off the edge for being a "major" annoyance.  Zack discussed the option of talking to Moesboy about banning him. Though Zack has gone onto say that he will only be banned if other player's on the server feel he should be banned.

He was later in a video where Zack "Bullied Him" by dropping anvils on him. He also said he had a girlfriend. And

Minor's Book for Zack.

that his mom is dead in that episode. When Spintown became a server moderator he coasted a vote for minor's banning. If 2 more votes against minor come he will be banned.

Episode 805 marked the return of MinorMiner69er. He appeared after Zack called out for help in slaying the multiple ender dragons that MarkIzBlack had spawned. He able to finish off at least of the dragons. Dispite displaying an act of heroism, Zack was overall ungrateful for the assistence. Minor presented Zack with a book. This text is was known as "minors book for Zack". It was the first time and only time Minor spelled "Zack" correctly. The book (pictured) served as an apology for his actions over the course of his time on the server. The last line of the book states that he would accept a banning, if Zack would forgive him and become his friend. Minor was last seen jumping into the end. He was supposedly banned shortly after.

After months of being banned on the Scottland Server, Mac wanted to relive the Minor days, so Minor suddenly reappeared in episode 905. In which he repeatedly sexually harrassed Zack and Ashley, as well as partook in some leisurely griefing. The other Scottlanders seemed not to care. 

He has been seen playing MineZ on the ShotBow Network from time to time since his dissapearence. He quickly has a earned notority as a Bandit who slaughters almost everyone he comes across. Often calling the players he kills 'jealous' or 'jelly' in reference to his old catch phrase when people would complain in the comments of Zack's videos asking for him to be banned.


  • Emerald-Birch houses

    Minor's house

  • Big green "Zach" sign
  • "Minorminer express Minorminer rail to Minorminer house"
  • Minorland

  • Minorminer Tollbooth
  • Statue Of Zack
  • Emerald Birthday Cake
  • Minorminer69er Spa Bath


  • "Hey Zach!"
  • "Are u recording?"
  • "when r u recording"
  • "I'm not stpid"
  • "Can you show off my ride i want more subscibers"
  • "som1 iz jelly"
  • "Ermagherd Tiffeny <3"
  • "lol"
  • "Tiffany <3"


He doesn't like Spintown:

  • Minor: Fuck you Spintown
  • Spintown: I can't.I'm still tired of your mom
  • Minor: My mom is dead!
  • Spintown: So i had to do ALL the work!

Later Spintown said he coasted a vote to ban Minor.

  • Minorminer has his own channel, minorminer69er.
  • Minor makes a good example of a player or fan that really wants to join the server.

Personal Life

Minorminer's real name is Justin. He is Moesboy's cousin. He is 14 and apparently does not have a mom (he said she was dead). He has a girlfriend named Tiffany and is EXTREMELY IMMATURE for a 14 year old.