McGill Mills Farm
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First Appearance

Episode 308 - McGill Mills Farm



McGill Mills Farm was originally Zack's idea, but Ashley had to build it due to Zack's lack of time, and laziness (Mostly laziness).

The farm features various crops including Sugar Cane, Pumpkins, and Melons. It also features a purple barn, because purple is Mac's favorite color.

Zack has expressed interest in starting a fast-food chain called McGill's Restaurant in the near future, using meat, produce, and vegetables from the farm. McGill's Restaurant was one of the candidates for the "Choose What to Build" episode.

The animals here have been known to party on occasion. They are also known to annoy Scottland players, including Ashley, who was annoyed by the sound created from fall damage.

According to Zack, when he was messing with biomes, it ruined McGill Mills Farm by destroying all of the crops.

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