Here is who was burried in the mass graves:

AshleyKate2796- Underage Mining

JackieSmash- Cat Scratch Fever

DaneKevinCook- Chocked On Soup

The1andonlytrav- Ass Cancer

Lilkimo- Old Age

Bloodyhoody- Bled Out

Stuntajai- Caught Sickness

YouNad- Fucked To Death

Swimmingbird941- Drowned

Spintown- Crossed Street On Green

ZanitorTV- Canceled

MercKing92- Touched To Debt

Randomginger11- ?

Olirulz_747- Bed Ridden

TwoFace240- Drunk A Skunk

Wolfsorrow- Mange

Griffan- Spoiled

Smithl- Dingo Dongled

TotallyBubbles- Saw A Vagina

Moesboy- Fandangoed

iWolfyyy- Trololo'd

SammyKablam- KABLAMED! 

AManNamedMark- Beard Burned

NinjaMarion- Dick Punched

BreederJosh- Draw&Quartered

Heytallman- Licked Raw

Theheartben- Combusted

Brettcm82- Door'd

ChloeKrow- Eaten By Bears

Geoffrobro- Gang Violence

JesseYoder- Gaids

LadyHayley- Allergic To Kiwis

Champine- Toxoplasmosis

OrianthiSorrow- Mauled By Wolf

Jennzillahhh- It Was Her Last Time

Shayded- Pagascissored

Danceonthorns- Drank The Water

Mmp2011- Deadly Fugu

LDShadowLady- Dyed

Crazykickasskate- Brush Bruises

Sicknessxo- Boobs Fell Out

Kaladocopia- Simited By Athena

Padennn- Poison Pop Tart

Saytinn- Blood Sacrifice

Evilmacaroon- Crazy Mac Attack

AshleySmash- Ashley Smashed

ZackScott- Drank The Kool Aid

Hippid- Horse Trampling

TristenSeide- Son Took Back Account

Smallishbeans- Flatened 

ThePhantomMence- Prank Gone Wrong

Prettymyway- Account Stolen

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