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First Appearance:

Episode 358 - Yellow Submarine


Honolulu, Hawaii

Mark Iz Black (aka Markus) is a player first appearing in Episode 358 - Yellow Submarine, and is apparently the first African American to join the Scottland Server. He goes by the nickname Markus, after his idol Markus Persson (aka Notch). His voice is first heard at 12:37 into the video and sounds extremely deep.

Markus was born and raised in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. His middle name was named after Israel "IZ" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole, the famous Hawaiian singer. By day, he is a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but by night he is the deadly assassin known as “Black Mamba”. His penis is as big as a $5 footlong.

There is much controversy behind this mysterious player, with many debating if he exists or not. His actual existence is brought into question when Brett asked Markus to sing a duet along with Adam and Markus was unable to do so. This leads many to believe that Adam disguised his voice. However, Adam and Markus are very good friends and they never want to outshow the other while singing a song. This causes them to never sing at the same time.

Markus posted a video on Adam's channel about the Minecraft racial controversy.

He now is focusing on bringing down the server, and almost succeded when he destroyed almost all of the server's spawn. Fortunatly Sir Dredgery, Zack Scott, Ashley, and unfortunatly Minorminer69er were there to fight back and win Scottland! Though Minor was too busy writing a novel to Zack about banning himself, so he was no help at all like usual.


  • Loganschill calls Zack a racist for ending the video while Markus is still on the Skype call.
  • Mac typed Markus' supposed Minecraft username into the chat, as "xXBlackAssMinerXx"...his actual Minecraft username is "MarkIzBlack".

    Does this resemble anything?

  • He has a dick as long as a foot-long sandwich from Subway.
  • He has spawned a wither and a few ender dragons, wich almost destroyed Scottland.
  • It is rumoured that he is the source of ZackScott's popularity on youtube.


  • "Smooooth Baaaaby"
  • "Nigga"
  • "Can we talk about Subway?"

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MarkIzBlack's skin in Minecraft

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