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Interior of the Cathedral.

Mac and Rozz's Wedding was an event that was to take place in the Cathedral made by MolotovMilkshake, however it never happened, and with Rozz's disappearence from the server, it likely never will.

Details were always vague about the relationship between Rozz and Mac, but odds are it was more of a joke than anything else. At the time however, it was frequently asked upon by viewers, such as when the wedding was going to be and for a long time if it was "IRL or in Minecraft" as original details spoken by Zack were not clear at the time. Zack did confirm in a later episode that it was to be a Minecraft only wedding.


  • Rozz's Grave Can be seen in the Scottland Cemetery
  • Everyone Including Mac isn't talking about Rozz nor the wedding anymore
  • The Scottland Cathedral isn't destroyed yet by Mac
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