Mac's Seasonal Statues
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X: -8 Y: 71 Z: -148

First Appearance

Episode 271



Mac's Seasonal Statues are made by Mac to represent different holidays or events. The Seasonal Statues reside next to the National Archives and Sex Jacuzzi. It is somewhat surprising for some viewers that Mac creates such nice structures due to her destructive nature.

Halloween (2011) - Pumpkin


The Pumpkin shortly before exploding.

A large pumpkin rigged with TNT. Mac made a song about it in Episode 281. Zack Made a mistake in asking Mac what the pumpkin's name was and she replied: "Nigga Punkin."

Thanksgiving (2011) - Jeff The Turkey

2011-12-31 04.24.48

Jeff the Turkey

A festive turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Christmas (2011) - Christmas Tree

Screen Shot 2012-01-01 at 10.14.25 PM

A large tree with ornaments, presents, and Snow Golems in minecarts.

New Year's Eve (2012) - Justin Bieber's Cock

Tumblr lx3ip6kZVl1r93g9yo1 500

The cock features huge balls ready to drop, and fireworks of various materials filled with TNT and chickens. (Built by SwimmingBird941 /Adam) [Note: This was also rigged to blow up spawn]

Winter (2012) - Giant Snow Golem

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Mac's Giant Snow Golem

Mac made the Giant Snow Golem on January 1st, 2012 for the winter season. The Snow Golem was made at this time because it snows more in January than in December.

Black History Month 2012 - Whitney Puddin-Pop Jello King Jr

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A pixel art similer to the Bill Cosby pixel art was created for black history month. Its official name is Whitney Puddin Pop Jello King Jr.

Halloween (2012) - Pumpkin

Pumpkin 2.0 will be scheduled to be rigged and to explode on Halloween, however this never happened.

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