Mac's Evil Lair
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Mac's Evil Lair was created by Mac. This is her home where she keeps most of her stuff (mainly TNT). Her love for the colour purple is the reason why she made her house out of obsidian.

Mac has various rooms in the lair including The Main Foyer and The Sex Room, which has two beds and a mossy cobble style.

Many acts of debauchery have gone down in The Sex Room, including pumpkin cyber sex, as well as long discussions of how babies are made, and rousing games of Would You Rather.

Mac's Old Evil Lair

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Mac's Old Evil Lair

Mac's old evil lair got destroyed by the 1.8 update because of the lighting change. Her old lair was down near bedrock which she called in a video of Zack's: "Unusable". She was pissed because there was a lot of cool stuff down there that she couldn't use anymore. There is a possibility it may become used again after an up-coming update removing the "Bedrock Fog."


On April 1st, 2012, Mac's Evil Lair was loaded with TNT by Adam, as a part of Adam's Prank, intended to not be set off, but to be a fun April Fools' Day joke. Mac logged on seeing her house like this, and

Mac's Evil Lair Destroyed

Mac's Evil Lair after Adam's prank. The beds placed by the bed stealer

in a successful attempt to ban Adam, blew up her own house. She also made a video of her "logging on" and seeing the destruction that "Adam made," "MacCraft 17 ." She later admitted to doing this in a video posted on her channel, "MacCraft 17.5 ."

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