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LOL Replays are the funniest parts of Zack Scott's videos. Zack created these in hope that it would encourage people to watch whatever game series they had come from, if they had not already. LOL Replays are inspired by Tobuscus' highlights.

The Pokemon Song

The first LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 123. After teleporting to moptops and seeing his Ash Ketchum skin, Zack sings a ridiculous version of the Pokemon theme song.

Wil Knows How to Find the Big Caves

The second LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 79. On an adventure, Wil tells everyone that he has found a big cave. Shortly after, Ashley sings "Wil knows how to find the big caves, how to find the big caves.". Zack then sings the same thing, followed by Rozz and Tallman. Ashley, Zack, Rozz, Tallman and Jenny then sing the song all together. Wil then tells everyone that the song sounds like garbage.

The Memory Remains!

The fifth LOL Replay is a clip from one of Mac's videos, MacCraft 2: TNT Lessons With Mac. Mac decides to blow up Lockerz's house. After all of the TNT goes off, Ashley very humurously sings "But the memory remains!" which are lyrics from the song "The Memory Remains" by Metallica.

Young Girlfriend

The sixth LOL Replay is a clip from one of Brock's videos, Brocknoid's Minecraft 45: Going to the Water Ho. Jon get a text from his 'young girlfriend'. Zack then jokes about how Jon needed to specify that she was young and Brock suggests that he has an older girlfriend as well. Jon tells everyone she is 18. Mac asks Jon how old he is and Brock answers that he is old enough for it to be creepy. Zack jokes that Jon is 56 at the end of the video.

Jack the Ripper

The eighth LOL Replay is another clip from one of Brock's videos, Brocknoid's Minecraft 6: This Land. Zack and Brock are both taking a tour of Lizzie's server, This Land. Lizzie tells them that they can fly around by using a feather. After flying around Brock says that he has 'had a dream like this before'. Zack says that he has too and it made him sick. Brock says that he feels like Peter Pan and Zack says that he feels like Jack the Ripper.

Double Creeper Bombed

The ninth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 16. Zack, Rozz and Clark are all at Rozz's house. Zack sees a creeper and refers to it as an 'explody guy'. He runs into Rozz's house. The creeper kills Clark, Zack comes out of the house only for another creeper to sneak up from behind and blow up the front of Rozz's house.


The tenth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 171. Mac uses Dupey to make a bunch of diamond blocks which leads to Zack screaming 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!' with Ashley and Rozz laughing in the background. Mac then tells Zack to suck her dick and that she has been duping items all afternoon.

Down She Goes!

The twelfth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 45. Brock, Zack and Mac are standing on top of the arena and Brock breaks the glass under Mac causing her to fall to her death. Zack then laughs (the funniest part of the video) and Mac rages in the minecraft chat.


The thirteenth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 279. Hippid tells everyone that she has presents for everyone which leads to everyone swarming for cookies. Zack is killed in the process. Zack returns and breaks the glass under Kate who falls but does not die because she has god mode. Zack breaks the glass under Hippid who falls to her death. Robert breaks the glass under Zack who falls to his death while screaming 'AHHH NO COME ON!'.

Manly Girl

The fourteenth LOL Replay is also a clip from Episode 279. The clip starts where the last left off. Mac says that Zack screams like a sissy girl. Zack gets his words mixed up and argues that his screams like a Manly Girl. Everyone on the skype call laughs and Mac suggests that it is a LOL Replay. Mac mocks Zack by saying 'I scream like a manly girl' and Zack adds, 'one with a dick.'

LOL Hotel

The fifteenth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 281. Zack teleports to Brett riding in a minecart. He turns around to find that half of the Mounce Hotel has burned down. Zack laughs for 40+ seconds with conversation in the background. Brett says that he was going to do a video of accidentally burning the hotel down but he ended up burning it down for real.

Ready to Die

The seventeenth LOL Replay is another clip from Episode 281. After a sped up clip of the other half of the Mounce Hotel being burned, Mac says she is ready to die. Zack tells Mac to look at him and then swings his arm at Mac's chest while saying 'Grabbin your tits'. Mac has the top comment of the video saying that is was ok because she enjoyed it.

Colorblind Mario

The eigteenth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 115. Zack enters Spin's pixel museum to find a green, or as Ashley calls it, a Dark World Mario. Spin tells them that there aren't many options for skin tone in minecraft and the Mario sprites had a green tint with his vision. He tells the viewers he is partly colorblind over Zack's laughing. Zack jokes that they put the wrong guy in charge of a pixel museum.

Real or Fake?

The twenty-first LOL Replay is a clip from episode 212. Zack teleports to Mac to find that she has placed TNT all over his house and has set it off just as he arrived. Zack returns to the scene of the crime and is mad about the state his house is in. He asks if it is his real house or the fake one that Lizzie had made in an earlier episode. Mac lies and tells him that it is the fake one. Zack uses the /home command to find that Mac is lying followed by the his classic 'Come On!'.

Black Man Bakery

The twenty-second LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 165. Peter has a new building in Coffinshire. He says that the bakery was supposed to look like a cake but ended up looking like an African American wearing a chef's hat. Zack teleports to Peter to find that it is true followed by laughter from him and Ashley.

Exploding Bed!

The twenty-third LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 307. Brett kills a ghast and then decides that he is going to sleep in his bed. The bed explodes because they are in the nether, killing Brett and setting Zack on fire followed by a 'What the Crap!' from Zack. Brett says he needed a nap.

Baby Ham

The twenty-fourth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 309. During the destruction of one of Mac's Seasonal Statues, the turkey, Ashley makes a baby pig. Zack attacks the pig followed by an outburst from Mac. Spin starts hitting the pig and when asked by Ashley why he was doing it he responds, 'Well you said we was havin' ham!'.

Exploding Pumpkin

The twenty-fifth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 287. Mac has filled the pumpkin in her holiday area with TNT and sets off followed by an 'Oh my God!' from Zack. The explosion destroys some of the surrounding area and Ashley says that the pumpkin had nitrogen in his pumpkin gut.

5 to 7 episodes...?

The twenty-sixth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 1. Zack originally planned on making 5 to 7 episodes of Minecraft before knowing what the game was all about. The video shows videos in the 300's on youtube with Zack's voice dubbed over it.


The twenty-seventh LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 220. Zack asks Robert about the dirt towers he has built and Robert informs him that they are to let people know that there are huge balls in the area. Zack asks Robert if he can explore around his balls. Jenny then types 'ballsploration' in the minecraft chat.

Minecraft Walking Dead

The twenty-eigth LOL Replay is a clip from Episode 321. Mac spawns a bunch of Zombies and they all go after Brett. Mac says that it's just like the walking dead. Zack is attacked by a Zombie pigman and screams in a shrill voice 'Ahhh! Pigman!'. Brett says he wants to be Shane from the walking dead.

Spider! Zombie!

The thirtieth LOL Replay is a clip from episode 5. After killing a cow, Zack is surprised by a spider attack and after killing the spideris attacked by a zombie. Zack runs from the zombie back into Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters.

Sneaky Enderman

The thirty-first LOL Replay is a clip from episode 324. Zack talks about how mineshafts have tarnished the value of iron and Mac says that Zack's Mom is an iron. Mac starts singing and Zack SCREAMS because of an enderman lurking around the corner.

Ghastbuster's Theme

The thirty-second LOL Replay is a clip from episode 333. A viewer in the livestream asks Zack to press f5 to show off his minecraft skin. Zack starts to sing the Ghostbuster's (Ghastbuster's) theme song. He kisses Ashley as per request from another viewer and makes the viewers suck his dick by adjusting the camera angle

Who hit me!?

A 30 second clip from Episode 72 where zack first starts his video with everyone in the game saying "What's up my babies?" and as he starts walking down the step of Scottland mining center someone hits Zack resulting in him yelling, "Who hit me!?"

Who Pushed me!?

A 53 second clip from the same episode as Who hit me!? Zack is crouching, looking into a cave when heytallman pushes Zack in. Zack blames Mac and almost swears. As he explores the cave he calls torches candles and screams when he sees a skeleton as he goes around a corner.

Home Chickens

Zack teleports to spawn to find that it is overun with chickens and there is a sign that says 'What's up my home chickens?'

Creeper Justice

Zack waits for tallman to die, runs in, grabs his items and hides in a corner. A creeper sneaks up on him shortly after and kills him.

Scottland Cocks

Zack exits the Welcome Center to find that the Scottland Docks have been transforms into the Scottland Cocks. Cocks built include: Crooked Carlos, Stinky Pinky, Chodey Tyrone lol (he's black), Just the tip Josh, and Burning Balls Benjamin.

Cobblestone Sucks!

A LOL Replay from Ashley's video, Minecraft Multi Ep 9 - Golden Girls. Zack is annoyed that someone replaced some stone inside the welcome center with cobblestone. Mac says that Zack is really mad and Zack responds with, "I'm not mad, I'm just freakin' pissed!".

Sleeping with Mac

Zack and Mac are in Mac's Evil Lair. Mac gets in bed and Zack moves another bed right next to hers. Mac attacks Zack when they wake up and she sees what he did.

Crowded Tower

Zack, Lauren, Brett, Jenny, Moes, Adam, and Mac are all up in a tower in Brett's area. Brett says that the first one to get down the ladder is the winner which is followed by what Mac calls a 'Cluster fuck'. Mac then sets off some TNT and Zack falls out of the tower.

Dogs Playing Poker

Adam, George, and Zack venture down into a mysterious trapdoor in the corner of The Steaming Dumpling , and find a "very swank" wolf club called The Slaughtered Lamb with illegal gambling, Jazz music, and a bar. Zack laughs at everything and then they leave.

$5 Footlong

Brett asks Markus how big his dick is and he responds that it is as long as $5 footlong.

Meat Leap

Zack is starving and Adam teases him to come and get a "nugget". Adam proceeds to toss the nugget off a cliff, Zack jumps and dies.

Motherly Advice

Zack, Ashley, Brett, Adam, Lauren, and Moes discuss what their mothers told them about periods, ejaculating, and bi-curious people.

Clever Girl

A clip from Mac's point of view, from Versus Mode - Minecraft 7 Diamond Challenge. Mac sneaks up behind Zack and starts to mine away the cobblestone underneath Zack so that the lava will kill him. Mac succeeds, causing Zack to lose the diamonds that he had.

Lava Zack Attack!

Industrial disconnects from the server and Zack puts lava where he signed out. Zack takes away the lava because he didn't want Industrial to lose his items but the lava had already spread and he loses his items when he signs back onto the server.

Lava Teleport

During the 7 diamond challenge, Zack requests to teleport to Adam to give up his diamonds so that Adam can win. Adam accepts his teleport request near lava, causing Zack to fall in and die. Adam then picks up Zack's diamonds. The video is first shown from both Adam and Zack's point of view.


Zack states that he is 'such a tease', followed by a sexy orgasmic moan from Sicknessxo and laughter from everyone else on the skype call. The "Moan-a-thon" is notably mentioned by Ashley.

Unofficial LOL Replays

A Youtube user under the username CL0896 has been taking various Minecraft episodes from ZackScottGames and editing them into fan made LOL Replays. Send him a personal message or comment on the Wikia if you would like an Unofficial LOL Replay taken into consideration.

On A Floating Dirt Ball

The first unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 32 - Teleportation Prank. Zack discovers the power of OP and with the help of Brock he torments Wil.

Jenny's First Time

The second Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 256 - Werewolf Game 4 (Part 2). Jenny plays Werewolf for the first time on the server and when she is being voted to be lynched, things get out of hand.

Creepersssss Are Gonna Creep

The third Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 153 - Creeper Surprise! Zack takes off his human skin and reveals his true creeper nature and torments the players of the server by sneaking up on them and making believe he is an actual creeper.


The fourth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 171 - Danger! Dupe! Exploit! Zack tries to confirm if Mac has been duplicating items and when she does, a shocking secret is revealed.

Spicy Wedgies

The fifth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 78 - British Talk. This is Twoface240's first known appearance in which he compares British customs and foods with American customs and foods.

The People Of Scottland Are Ruthless!!!

The sixth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 196 - Werewolf Game 2. Antyanthony is attacked by the people of Scottland... verbally.


The seventh Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 72 - Better Adventure. Rozz gets what he deserves.

Slimes Are Awesome!!!

The eighth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 38 - Slime Attack. It's an invasion of slimy, green, blocky... slimes?

Zack Scooott

The ninth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Episode 359 - Transport to Nova Scottia. Nova Scottia should be pronounced like Nova Scotia. End of disscusion. I'm Zack Scooott, subscribe if you have noot!

Zack Scott - Bear Slayer

The tenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 60 - Killing EvilMacaroon. This is one of the first times in which Zack kills EvilMacaroon. There are no such things such as animal rights in the land of Scottland.

Are You Serious???

The eleventh Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Versus Mode - Minecraft 7 Diamond Challenge. Adam amazes his opponents after he beats them in finding diamonds in under seven minutes.

Toss Me A Nugget

The twelfth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 359 - Transport To Nova Scottia. The "nugget" was a piece of pork. Adam plays the role of god.


The thirteenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Versus Mode - Minecraft 7 Diamond Challenge. Mac is still a crafty person, even when player versus player is off.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

The fourteenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 172 - Chocobo. Zack sees a black sheep and immediately breaks into song and "shears" the sheep as well.


The fifteenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 356 - New Year's Ball Drop. Zack is devastated to see the Scottland Welcome Center as a crater. Luckily, Mac warned Zack beforehand to create a back-up so the Welcome Center would not face the same fate as Zack's home.

Mac - This Pumpkin (Ft. Zack and Ashley)

The sixteenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 281 - Hotel Fire! Mac shows her love to the pumpkin she made for Halloween, by gracing it with her sweet singing voice.


The seventeenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Versus Mode - Minecraft 7 Diamond Challenge. Zack decides to end the Versus Mode game by attempting to give Adam his diamonds.

Oh Yea, Oxygen..

The eighteenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 358 - Yellow Submarine. Sometimes, we all forget SOMETHING.

DP Is Gone And You're Not Getting DP

The nineteenth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 202 - I See Mac Visited. Another hit single from the duet, Mac and Ashley!

Bacon Scares Zack Scott.

The twentieth Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 206 - New Tower and Dark Omen. That's some scary shit right there..!

Birthday Silverfish!!!

The twentyfirst Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Minecraft - Episode 364 - Werewolf Game 8. It seems that it's Zack's birthday instead!

There's a Creeper On Top of Me!

The twentysecond Minecraft unofficial LOL Replay from Versus Mode - Minecraft 7 Diamond Challenge. Mac has the worst luck with monsters, they all want her! She can never find the perfect man.

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