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LDShadowLady (aka Lizzie) is one of the few British members on Zack's server, along with Twoface240 and CrazyKickassKate. She is famous for her English accent, red hair and cute personality.

She is 19 years old, although she is commonly incorrectly assumed to be younger due to her youthful appearance, short height of 5'2", and cute behaviour.

Lizzie’s main area in Scottland is called the Shadow Lands. Many structures reside in the Shadow Lands, including a pixel art Nyan Cat, multiple Hot Air Balloons, a chicken statue, and Lizzie’s house. Lizzie’s house was blown up just before the Scottland Episode 300 download by heytallman, but was rebuilt soon afterwards.

Lizzie has her own private Minecraft server called This Land, which she and her friends play on. Lizzie posts videos of her playing Minecraft in her singleplayer world, and on her server, on her YouTube channel, LDShadowLady. Also on her channel, she posts gameplay of other games, such as Amnesia, and Call of Duty.

Near New Year’s of 2011/2012, LDShadowlady’s YouTube account got hacked, and had all her videos removed. She posted a video on her channel to explain the situation to her viewers. Although her YouTube channel page’s background displays the text “Team X Code”, a group of players who griefed Lizzie’s server just the week before, Lizzie has spoken with them, and reported that they did not hack her YouTube account. Lizzie contacted YouTube support, and they were able to recover all of her videos.


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