Kim Jong-il

In Episode 338 of Minecraft on the Zack Scott Games Channel, Scottland remembers Kim Jong Il, the dictator of North Korea the day after his death by having a pixel art of his head constructed. The video also involved blowing up the head and having SwimmingBird941 pose as Kim Jong-Il being revived.

In the comments of that video, people say they want more dictators to be pixellated, including Gadhafi & Osama Bin Laden.

Evilmacaroon, Brettcm82 & AshleySmash changed their skins to look like mourning North-Koreans and SwimmingBird941 posed as the spirit of Kim Jong-Il.


  • Although the Kim Jong Il sculpture is clamied to be made by SwimmingBird941, it is actually made by the Jews, as stated by Brettcm82
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