Kate's Maze
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First Appearance

Episode 343 - Kate's Maze



Minecraft - Episode 343 - Kate's Maze (Live Recording)

Minecraft - Episode 343 - Kate's Maze (Live Recording)

Kate's Maze is a multi-story maze found underneath the Jedi Temple. It was first shown in Episode 343, which was also livestreamed on YouTube. Currently it contains two floors, but it is planned to have four.

Floor One (Bottom floor):

The bottom floor of the maze is made of stone and lit by glowstone. It is a normal, conventional maze with no special characteristics. Once solved, the player may proceed to the second floor.

Floor Two:

The second floor of the maze is made of glass and lit by the same glowstone as the first floor. The second floor is much more confusing due to its transparent walls and lack of good lighting. One notable feature of Floor Two is the Massive Dead End, a long snaking passageway that only leads to a wall.

Floor Three:

Kate's Maze has three floors, however, the third floor is currently under construction (as of episode 345), so nothing is known of the state of this level.

Solving the Maze:

The simplest way to solve the maze is to follow the left or right wall until the exit is found. Unfortunately, none of the players of Scottland who tried the maze seemed to be aware of this.

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