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JustinMcDonaldDP is an Australian player that was only shown for a few episodes on Scottland. The DP in his name sometimes is said to stand for "Double Penetration" or "Donkey Punch" by other players. In reality, it stands for "Dyslexic Penguin", the name of his old comedy website.

He was also a judge/admin on bNoid's Werewolf forum. He has since left due to personal reasons.

The first episode he was featured in, Mac blew up his area. Due to this, he came up with a popular line that is famous for Scottland fans and players: "I see Mac visited." In the same episode, Mac tried to convince Zack to ban Justin, but due to Zack refusing, she turned to ashleysmash who jokingly banned him. However, Justin was quickly unbanned by the time the episode was over, and his area was restored by Zack.

He has not been seen since Mac, Ashley, Jenny and Kate have blown up his area for a third time for temporarily banning Mmp2011 from BNoid's werewolf forums.

In Episode 375 - Cemetery Update, his grave was added to the Scottland Cemetery with the cause of death, DP by Mac&Kate. Contrary to popular belief, he has not been banned, or removed, from the server but is likely to never come back.

NinjaMarion moved in with him literally after Episode 517.

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