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Episode 5 - I'm a Stairs Person...

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Industrial was one of the veteran members of Scottland and according to Zack taught him how to play Minecraft. He quit Minecraft and used the fact that Mac had blown up his cobblestone bridge recently as an excuse. However it is revealed by Zack Scott that his real reason for quitting was that he just didn't want to play anymore. its was announced that he quit in Episode 147 - Scottland Cemetary where his grave lays. Industrial himself commented on the episode
"Guys, Industrial here, lay off Mac. She isn't the main reason I quit at all, I just never really played anymore, most of my stuff was gone, and I've been playing Minecraft for over a year so it just really isn't as fun anymore. I was a bit ticked at what she did, but honestly, like Zack said, it was a cobblestone pile of crap I built as a joke. I just figured right there would be a good time to leave because I'd probably end up repeating the cycle of not joining for a month."
His grave was recently opened up due to the fact that he came back in one of the 800 to 900 season episodes.

One of his notable creations was his "Batcave." This was featured in two of Zack's videos. The first was where Industrial was skinned as Batman, and gave a tour of the area. The second time was after he had quit, and Zack was clearing out his area. Another of his lesser known creations was pixel art of a Creeper face. After he quit the server, the Creeper face was moved to the roof of Spintown's Pixel Art Museum. He is also known for causing "The Great Forest Fire of 2011" in episode 8 of Minecraft, where he purposely started the fire.

Industrial has often been compared to Mac, even though he only started The Great Fire.


The Forest Fire Industrial caused.

2011-12-30 00008

The creeper face on the ceiling of the Pixel Art Museum

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