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Episode 385 - Island Homes



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iWolfyyy (aka Gerald Darryl Wolfyyy) is a player on the Scottland Minecraft server. He was noticed by the members of Scottland for his editing of the wiki and fan made videos on his YouTube channel. He was added as a duo with wolfsorrow. He has settled in Nova Scottia near spawn, past the mushroom houses, and in Scottland near Spintown's Area. Kate also loves his deep voice.

In Scottland he built his Wolves Den which was located near ilovellamafood's area. His home impressed everyone, his Brambleberry home also caused the same reaction. Zack originally wanted to build his house right next to his in a tiny plot intended for a farm which caused Wolfyyy to threaten him. He also build the school house.

His other notable build in Scottland were the Album Covers.

Wolfyyy during his time mostly associated with Trololinda. He fixed her house after Brett and Fredrick destroyed her home. He was also single handedly [ ;) ] responsible for bringing her back. Trololinda gave him plenty of BJ points but it isn't known if he ever renewed them.

While he played on Scottland he regularly streamed, he also played on other servers while doing so.


  • iWolfyyy has been added to the list of people known as the new Rozz.
  • iWolfyyy is also known to have created his own wiki page, but stated that "I am not going to edit my page at all; I made my own page and that was weird enough."

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