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The Hot Air Balloons are a popular attraction of The Shadow Lands, the area that LDShadowLady
resides in. They were built by Lizzie. The balloons first appeared in the video "Contest Winners and MOAR!" by LDShadowLady, and were first shown by Zack Scott in Episode 134 - The ShadowLands.

Lizzie claims to have stolen the idea from someone who goes by the name "Fluffy" who is a player on her Minecraft server, "This Land". The balloons are purple, red, blue, green, pink, and red and white stripes. The material is colored wool, iron blocks for where the flame would be held in real life, with wooden baskets and fence posts to keep the balloons held to the ground. Fences are also used to keep the basket and actual balloon sections connected.

Zack Scott made a green "runaway" balloon above the other two in Episode 261 - Runaway Balloon. This balloon was not connected by fence posts, unlike the other two. Zack did not mind if Lizzie wanted to remove the third balloon, but she was kind and has kept it.

There is also a random balloon that appeared over the ocean. This balloon is in view from the Welcome Center, in the same view of Ashley's Pagoda.

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The balloon has a strange face on it, and nothing much was ever said about it. This mysterious balloon is depicted in the picture of Ashley on her wiki page, and the caption presumes that she was the builder. However, on the Skull House page it anounces Lizzie as the builder. It has been confirmed that Lizzie is indeed the builder of the Spawn balloon.

The balloon near spawn also housed a secret chest, which contained TNT and other goodies for the Episode 300 Download.

Smithl recently added Team Rocket's Meowth balloon from Pokemon. It resides on the right side of the Skull House. Meowth's eyes look towards the other balloon. Unlike the other balloon it is located in a forest biome so that snow doesn't build up on the top.

There are now six balloons in The Shadow Lands, since the Episode 400 Download.

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