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Ben Zimmers





First Appearance:

Episode 530: Loch Mac Monster

Youtube Channel:

Recommended By:

iWolfyyy and Trololinda

Griffan, or Randomathon is a player on Scottland. He was added on the behalf of iWolfyyy and Trololinda along with BloodyHoody; Zack did this so Lauren would finally return to the server.

He likes to goof in his free time with his pal Brett. He likes to goof around and get cheesesticks. He Griefs a lot too.His biggest build project was the Food-Hi grocery store that he built with Brett. BreederJosh apparently wants him near him.

Griffan was jailed in the Scottland Jail after he griefed Sickness' area in Scotti Arabia (perhaps because he was banned from Sickland). It was Spin and Mac that witnessed all this happened.

Geoffrobro eventually freed him by digging into his cell which led to a manhunt for Griffan.

Despite being on the run Ben appeared in group videos from time to time after this only seeming to actually be in hiding during the Falling Water House tour. He appeared to have been caught when he somehow spawned on Pussy Island and was killed by Mac but he returned to hiding after this encounter.

Zack and his pet, Little Pippy (no association to the Brit) began their own manhunt around Scottland to no avail in the episode "The Fugitive". In a poetic way Geoffrobro was the one to find him escaping to the Cobblebitch where Zack chased him off a waterfall which finally killed Ben. But death can't save you from justice in Scottland as he was still placed in jail.

Only to escape again :(.

Griffan along with Zack, Tasman, Mac, Saytinn, and Adam all got addicted to The Walls. Griffan in particular gained a notoriety for being rude to their opponents and became hated by most enemies. Griffan eventually became a ruthless killing machine in the later games. It was revealed here that he planned on taking Mac as his Prom date.


  • His name is Ben.
  • He lives in Arizona.
  • He likes to goof with Brett.
  • He likes to goof around and get cheese whiz.
  • Also known as "Griefin' Griffan".
  • He visited Astoria in Animal Crossing New Leaf