Minecraft tnt block by maxicube d33jmka a mine craft explosives worker-s900x563-246910

TNT is often associated with griefing.

Griefing is an activity which consists of breaking or ruining other players' creations in Minecraft. Though the definition changes with each game, the activity is still carried out.

Scottland has had many accounts of griefing. The Great Forest Fire of 2011 and Mac blowing up multiple houses are examples of griefing. Mac has even gained the reputation of a "Master Griefer".

Other players are known to grief as well. The first griefer on Scottland was Industrial. SwimmingBird also griefs alongside Mac sometimes. The pair use safe words, such as blowjob, as a signal to escape after their TNT has been set off. Their most recent destruction was the Welcome Center during the New Year's Livestream, but it has been reverted back to normal since then.

Stealing, another form of griefing, is not common in Scottland; however, before "Lockette" was installed as a plugin, it did occur on occasion.

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