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Dolan anf Gooby playin a gam of baskitbal.

Gooby and Dolan are cartoon characters Zack keeps in the ground in case of an emergency. Recently Zack took them out to fight two aliens in a game of three on three basketball. Dolan was using Dane's account since he died.

Sometime in Decmeber 2012, The Raptor Bedazord, The Bed Stealer's giant robot was transformed into a giant Mecha-Gooby statue holding a key similar to the keys in the Final Fantasy saga.

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Dolan Quotes

  • "fak u zak"
  • "gby pls"
  • "u retrd"

Gooby Quotes

  • "Garsh, there's alot a gifts fer me!"
  • "I'll school these bitches with ya'!"
  • "You wanna start somethin', bitch!?"
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