Gay Bathhouse
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First Appearance

Episode 35 - Exploring the South


Many, mostly ZackScott

The Gay Bathhouse (aka Spawn) is the spawn point in Scottland. It has a counterpart in the Nether called The Straight Bathhouse, but with lava instead of water. It has a third incarnation in Nova Scottia called the Bi-Curious Bathhouse. It is often changed when a new update comes.


  • The sign outside of the room has often been changed to say things like 'Gay Steakhouse' and the 'Gay Secret Garden'.
  • Because of daily backups, Zack was able to restore spawn and the Gay Bathhouse from numerous destructions, such as The Great April Spawn Explosion and the New Year's Celebration.
  • There is an entrance to a secret tunnel in the Gay Bathhouse. Where it leads, nobody knows.
  • In the episode which celebrates Zack's birthday, Spawn was filled with duplicated diamond blocks from Mac.
  • This was where the great chicken infestation happened.
  • It has faced many temporary changes, like being filled with snow or pumpkins.
  • In one episode Rozz created a cobblestone dome and filled it with lava. Mac soon spawned there and she was trapped, burning to death in it. Everyone then tries to fix the Gay Bathhouse but some of the wood started to burn, the water drained and the stone at the bottom of the pool was broken.
  • During Markus's "destruction" of Scottland,the Gay Bathhouse was partially destroyed.
  • The Gay Bathhouse's original appearance
  • The Gay Bathhouse in Episode 38
  • The Gay Bathhouse in Episode 39
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