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Episode 44 - Not a Communist



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Mac hanging herself in Episode 304 (Stop Mac Interactive Game)

  • "Sometimes we say the stupidest things and then they are forever on the wiki." - Mac

Evilmacaroon (aka Mac) is a player on the Scottland server.

Mac is known for her affection towards TNT, fire, penis, some porn, and is the owner of two of the cutest cats in the world, Oliver and Zoey. She is one of the most popular players in Scottland. Mac is infamous yet famous, people either love her or hate her. She was also diagnosed with pyromania. as of March 29th 2013, she posted her first video to read youtube messages. the first one was dramatic.

Mac is the most badass person on the server, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the rest of the internet. She hates everyone, including you. Her IRL hobbies include serial killing and robbing old ladies. She has the 2nd largest dick in Scottland, behind Markus. Everyone she has ever came in contact with has sucked her 12'' black dick. A little known fact about Mac is that she holds the Guinness World Record for most blowjobs received.

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Recently, she targeted Zack's old house, which was absolutely destroyed after her and SwimmingBird decided to TNT the whole thing during a livestream. Although she had assumed it could be restored, she was incorrect, so now the home is gone forever. However, Zack stated that although he is disappointed that Mac had blown up his house, he expressed that it is because he wanted to do a second interactive video in which Mac blows up his house. He notes that he should have turned Big Brother back on when he left town during the incident, and admits that he needs to build a new one (in comparison to other impressive houses such as Ashley's Skull House).

Her first appearance in Zack Scott videos was during a
Tumblr lx05zqV7Uc1r93g9yo1 500

Mac raping Adam.

mail opening video, where Zack read a fake h

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ate-letter from her (although the fake-ness of this letter is debatable).

One of her most famous acts was when she engraved her name into the sand in the Arena. This destructive habit has gotten a lot of Zack Scott viewers to hate her and to wish her banned. The well-known expression "Ban Mac" appeared, and is now spamming comments on most videos in which she takes part. There is even a "Ban Mac" in the Zack Scott T-shirt shop, along with the word "Mac" inside of a pixelated heart for her fans. She's also known for saying "Suck my dick!" a lot. She also references to her favorite activity, figging, occasionally.

Mac's known for having loads of "rare" items, like TNT and diamonds. This is because in a previous version of Minecraft, a piston bug allowed duplication of items, which she used to create a large supply of rare items. This machine was aptly named "Dupey". She now uses Creative mode most the time, which lets her spawn unlimited materials, rendering her duped items unnecessary.
180px-Mac Glamour Shot

Mac holding her favorite weapon credit to SwimmingBird for photo

Celebrating Mac's birthday, Zack and Ashley constructed a large present with a penis inside. The present was "unwrapped" when Mac exploded the TNT inside of the present. When asked for her age, Mac jokes that she is 14.

Mac is known for her use of vulgar words, like fuck and shit. If you don't want to hear those words, then don't watch her videos. Mac also is known for having an oddly powerful attraction toward African-Americans. Perhaps it's just the word Ni**er or african americans themselfs this is completely unknown. Mac has been known to annoy Zack with her repetative use of the N word but she doesn't care.

She also has a blog, UsesTwoFingers, though she has not posted in a while. It has been suspected by few that perhaps this author was clone of Mac, who the Real Mac then got angry at and killed the Fake Mac by ripping her neck apart with her teeth. It is also theorized that Mac spent several years in a "Mental Hospital" where she refined these skills.

{C OUTDATED:Her most recent endeavour has been her plan to get Adam banned. She was successful by blaming the destruction of her house on him. Many scottland viewers are upset with her recent bullshitery with Adam (swimmingbird). He has been banned and "won't be coming back", says Mac. {C Adam has said that this was a prank on the viewers and that he is not actually banned.

Brett & Mac

It is suggested that Mac had a sexual affection for Brett. Whether or not this is true is still unknown. Fans of the Minecraft series believe the evidence of this was Mac's insistence on destroying Brett's creations, like Brett's Hotel. With help from an unknown contributor, SwimmingBird has decided the couple, or ship, shall be known as 'Brac'. Brac are known to host a talk show on Brett's YouTube page called Getting Personal with Mac and Brett.


Another Fan Art of evilmacaroon

The Great Breakdown of Evilmacaroon

As noted in her video, she had a breakdown of sorts pertaining to her huge skull and her brain being too small of a size for its intended brain capacity.

This is what she said:

- I just want to record a video and I just don't know what to record yet--I can't even think about anything besides how much everything hurts and I just want a video in the Minecraft and nothing is good and everything is bad and all my faces hurt and all of them hurt...and my head is weird and everything... My skull is close on it to accomodate for my large brain, because my brain's got too big for my head...and my skull sack should be able to grow more... No, my brain is too big, and I hate this guy... And I love cats and that's it. And I just want to feel better and I feel sick... I'm just a cat-lady with a lop-sided head... (cries until 1:39)


A fan art of Mac


  • "Suck my dick!"
  • "Suck my fat cock!"
  • "Suck mah fat Cack!"
  • "Suck mah big black Cock!"
  • "You can suck a dick Zack Scott."
  • "I'm Zack Scott."
  • "Zack SCOOT."
  • "I'm Zack Scoott, subscribe if you have noot."
  • "I'm ZackScott, don't subscribe because I'm an asshole."
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  • "I'm Black Scott."
  • "It's a blowjob."
  • "You cut off my dick."
  • "Who wants my black penis inside them?"
  • "Sup Bitches!"
  • "I'm in the fucking mafia bitch."
  • "Nigga."
  • "Somebody give that nigga a cake."
  • "Murphy! "
  • "I got a fluffeh cat!"
  • "Oliver you asshole."
  • "Remember the time we slept together?"
  • "Tallman did it!"
  • "Spintown raped me."
  • "(4!+8)/4 + (2+3*4)^2 - 3^4 + (9+10)(15-21) + 7(17-15) = 23 butt hole."
  • "Your mom's uh bust, your mom's got a nice bust."
  • "Brett's mom's a whore!"
  • "Kim Jong-llin Master MC."
  • "Shut the fuck up Spintown."
  • "Tallman doesn't put his ______ in anything so..."
  • "Sometimes we say the stupidest things and then they are forever on the wiki."
  • "You've gotta be shitting me, there's a creeper on top of me!"
  • "Shut up Adam."


  • The first time Mac has ever censored herself in her life: Episode 386 - One of the Wolves.
  • The first time Mac has ever killed Adam: Episode 377 - Mac's Eggstravagant House.
  • She has a childhood fear of the shark in the video game Banjo Kazooie.
  • Despite reports that she is bisexual, Mac is actually exclusively attracted to cats.
  • Mac names all chickens Murphy.
  • Mac named Nova. [Zackscott calls it "Nova Scottia"]
  • Mac found a way to ban Adam: by blowing up her own lair (April Fool's Joke 2012)
  • Her first word in the chat was "lol".

Creation of server

Mac has recently created a server in which is survival. The video for her server was posted in October 9th, of 2012, and features some progress in Macsico, and also tells viewers to PM her to eventually be whitelisted onto her server.

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