Minecraft - Jester's Carnival Begins! (BatKnight Updates)

Minecraft - Jester's Carnival Begins! (BatKnight Updates)

This is the episode where you can hear the update

Jester's Carnival Begins! (BatKnight Updates) is the 814th episode of ZackScott 's Minecraft series and was released on April 10th, 2013. It is part of the 5th season.


In this episode Zack goes over the many updating factors of the minecraft minigame, The Bat Knight , mainly featuring the updates upon The build server limited to VIPs. He also goes into the functionality of his CAPS LOCK button, and constantly mentions tristanseide ( Samuel Seide), as well as Ben, AKA Bench3,AKA BCBroz. He also mentions possibilities of New characters, based off the characters Bane, and Man-Bat, from the Batman Franchise. He also scores an incredible amount of points, and wins the game, with a different, higher amount of score ( which are represented as diamonds.)

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