Minecraft - Surveying the Damage

Minecraft - Surveying the Damage

Minecraft building

The Jungle begins to take back Civilization.

Surveying the Damage is the 808th episode of ZackScott 's Minecraft series. It is part of the 5th season and was released on April 4th, 2013.


This episode chronicles Zack's analysis of the current condition of Scottland after MarkIzBlack 's April Fool's attack . Many of Scottland's famous landmarks lie in ruins and the jungle is taking back what's left. Adam, Jackie  and Ben are on the call and they have a discussion about the future of Scottland. While Zack is sad to see so much destroyed, he says it does make things a bit more interesting and Adam agrees, saying he's been having fun in post apocalyptic Scottland.

Zack briefly mentions Saber-toothed Tigers coming into Scottland in a future update, which will make the already inhospitable land even more dangerous.

Our host concludes the episode with a discussion about MarkIz and that the demon was simply messing with him. Zack also mentions again, his contract that will allow him to keep making episodes until at least episode 1,020.
Ruined Scottland -Episode 808-

The damage shown in the Dynmap.

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