Minecraft - Coal Blocks and Tinted Glass-1

Minecraft - Coal Blocks and Tinted Glass-1

Minecraft joke wither

The Joke Wither

Coal Blocks and Tinted Glass is the 807th episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series. It is part of the 5th Season and was released on April 3rd, 2013.


This episode is all about Zack Scott showing the viewers the many new items and creatures introduced into the game on April Fool's day. Most of the new stuff is meant to be a joke but Zack speculates that at least a few of the items are real updates that will appear in a future version of Minecraft (1.6).

The items he mostly talks about and gives examples of are the coal blocks and the many different colors of tinted glass. Zack mentions a few times that Adam's videos cover the new items in a lot more detail and should be watched. After building with these items for a few minutes he summons a "joke Wither" that is hot pink, emitting hearts and smiling. After mentioning that his dog, Ary is very hungry and that she "jumped the gate", Zack thanks the viewers for watching and the video ends.

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