Minecraft - New Pact

Minecraft - New Pact

New Contract page 1

The first page of the new contract.

New Pact is the 806th episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series. It is part of the 5th Season and was released on April 2nd, 2013.


During Episode 805 , Zack Scott assumed his adventures in Scottland were over, but instead of giving up, the next day he loads Minecraft and begins recording again. The episode begins with Zack in the now destroyed Gay Bathhouse and he whispers to the viewers that maybe he

The second page of the contract.

can get away with doing more episodes if the evil MarkIZBlack doesn't find out.

His commentary is interrupted by a booming and wicked laugh and Zack is transported back the the bizarro OutBack Steakhouse from the previous episode. MarkIz is waiting for him and tells him to have a seat.

After MarkIz orders some jalapeño poppers, Zack asks the demon again if he can just keep making more videos. MarkIz tell Zack that he will write up a new contract only because he has a soft spot for our hero. The new contract expires after episode 1,020, at which time Zack has to stop making videos and the cycle of Scottland's destruction begins again. It also demands that Zack must play Imagine Fashion Designer for the Nintendo 3DS and carry out an unknown task some time in the future. Zack is concerned about signing something without knowing all the variables but the prospect of filming new episodes is too much and he signs the document.

Minecraft pact

After signing the contract, Zack is transported back to the real Steakhouse at which Smithl is waiting for him, presumably since the beginning of Episode 805. Zack teleports back to spawn and discovers he will still have to rebuild as Scottland still lies in ruins.

A new beginning dawns on Scottland.


"Caught you with your dick in the cookie jar!" -MarkIzBlack

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