Minecraft - Episode 805 - Outback Steakhouse (Final Episode)

Minecraft - Episode 805 - Outback Steakhouse (Final Episode)

Minecraft steakhouse

The Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse (Final Episode) is the 805th episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series. It is part of 5th Season and was released on April 1st, 2013.

April Fools?


What Zack has called the "Final Episode" certainly has some finality to as it takes our host into an epic battle to prevent Scottland 's destruction against a supernatural foe from his past.

The episode starts with Zack at spawn and telling the viewers that Smithl has something interesting to show to the viewers, an "Outback Steakhouse". Scott teleports to his friend's location which is a desert area infested with spiders. After running from them and into the Steakhouse (which looks pretty cool by the way), Zack finds himself in a creepy restaurant that doesn't really look like Outback at all. His suspicions of his true whereabouts are confirmed when he steps outside and sees the hellish Nether all around him.

Minecraft marciz

The Demon, MarkIzBlack

Heartben is behind the counter but doesn't really seem to know or care where they actually are. Then a booming voice is heard and the mysterious MarkIzBlack, seen sitting at a table in the bizarro restaurant. He beckons Zack and tells him that he knows why he is there. Zack reminds the viewers that his second contract with MarkIz is up and that the 805th episode is the last one and that Scottland will be wiped out. Zack attempts in vain to negotiate with the MarkIz but the demon refuses any new contracts and transports them both back to Scottland, where MarkIz begins to destroy the Scottland Welcome Center . Zack pleads with the overlord to stop but his foe summons four Ender Dragons and disappears. 
Minecraft ender dragons

The Epic Battle

Our host is devastated at the sight of the Ender Dragons as they start their cycle of annihilation. Many famous Scottland buildings are destroyed, including the Clock Tower and Ashley's Ashley's Treehouse . All hope seems lost but the noble Sir Dredgery shows up and joins Zack's desperate fight against the dragons.

The epic battle consumes the main area of Scottland and after Ashley shows up and provides further assistance, and a battle with a Wither almost kills Zack, the last of the dragons are slain and what's left of Scottland is saved... 
Minecraft dredgery

Sir Dredgery

...but for what?

Zack Scott looks upon the smoldering remains of Scottland and ponders on the future of his beloved land, as his battle with the dragons only seemed to prolonge the inevitable. Sir Dredgery throws down the Wither Star and it morphs into MarkIzBlack, who tells Zack that the contract is binding. Mr. Scott tries once more to reason with the him, but he refuses and Zack gives a sad farewell to the audience.

The End?

Minecraft ages

The "Fight of Ages"


"Zack, don't talk to the help. Come on." -MarkIzBlack

"Scottland is not gonna be the same." -Zack Scott

"Contract Shmontract!" -Sir Dredgery

"This is...the fight of ages." -Zack Scott

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