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Revenge! is the 51st episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series. In this episode, Zack gets revenge on Brock and Rozz for flooding the Scott Mining Corporate Headquarters and the Spiral Staircase .


Zack traps Brock and Rozz in the Obsidian Jail in a 5x5 pocket flooded with water and gives them both Diamond Pickaxes(Brock took them both), and placed signs to taunt them.

The whole episode was devoted to watching their progress. Zack changed a configuration file so that Brock and Rozz's home teleported them into the Jail. Later, Mac requested to be teleported in. She was teleported to the roof.

Hilariously, Rozz and Brock had god mode so they could have jumped off of the roof and lived, but Zack lied and said it didn't work for fall damage.

Brock escaped first and attempted to slow Rozz down by rebuilding the blocks Rozz broke. Once they both escaped, Rozz began working on an unnecessary cobblestone bridge.

To watch the whole ordeal Zack made a viewing platform. Ashley ended up sending more time there than Zack, who spent most of it up close and personal.

Minecraft - Episode 51 - Revenge!

Minecraft - Episode 51 - Revenge!

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