The Grand and beautiful staircase, look at its awesome

The grand and beautiful staircase, bask in its awesome

A Whole New World is the fourth episode of Season 1. As the title states, ZackScott has completely restarted Minecraft, and is now playing on what will later be called the Scottland server. This is the first episode for Ashley.


Zack paces, calls himself a baby and relentlessly talks about his staircase. He then proceeds to pace even more while talking about his contest. After a while, he is confronted by a creeper, which scares him by blowing up. Zack finally decides to do something, by showing the viewers the surrounding mountains and landscape, while also showing the first shelter he created, and the spawn point. After walking some more, Zack is attacked by a zombie and ends the video.

Minecraft - Episode 4 - A Whole New World

Minecraft - Episode 4 - A Whole New World


  1. The title of the video is a reference to a song in the Disney film "Aladdin"
  2. This video was on the server that was later known as Scottland.
  3. Zack deleted the world on the first three videos, and started another world, due to the world landscape.
  4. The creeper mentioned in the summary was spawned due to poor lighting, which Zach was still puzzled about.

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