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Zombie Village Attack is the 82nd episode of Season 3 and the 482nd overall episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series. This episode marks the introduction of heartben.


This Episode shows a rare Zombie siege upon Brambleberry Village, where ZackScott not only establishes the character plot script of heartben, the newest member at the time (who is currently known as theheartben), but also finds a rare Zombie Siege, humiliates an iron golem, and shows intent to kill a baby villager.

In the begining of the episode, Zack shows where he was in two recent episodes about his jungle adventure, but then vetures back to the village to show off the new skeleton spawner that Adam had built to variation of the zombie spawner.


  • Later In the Episode, at around 19:09 in the video, the new piston texture glitch that had been shown off by Adam had appeared in the video.

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