Minecraft - Trololand

Minecraft - Trololand

Trololand is the 34th episode of Season 3 and the 434th episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series overall.


Trololinda shows Zack and the rest of Scottland the latest amusement park, Trololand. In this episode, we see Zack and the rest of the members of Scottland go through every attraction.

Trololand Front

Entrance of Trololand

The attractions may seem safe and oridinary but fear not, they troll you in every way!

In the first attraction, we visit the "Mama's Nips Childcare" where Lilkmo was the first to get trolled by falling into lava.

The second attraction, The Iron Buttplug, is an ordinary and exciting roller coaster that only lasts for 5 seconds. Zack becomes confused about the rest of the ride.

The next attraction,the Zoo, is filled with cats. There is also a lever that was only to be pulled by Zack which triggered TNT to kill all the

The Iron Buttplug

The Iron ButtPlug

innocent cats inside the Zoo.

After that, Zack visits the Mini Water Park. He climbs a ladder to the top. At the bottom, there is a one block of water. He missses the first time and tries again. On his second attempt, he made it but fell into lava hidden underneath the water.

In the "Fire Burning Tunnel of Passion & Love", Zack grabs a bone and follows a trail of water but it gets darker the deeper he enters. At the end, a sign says "Were you expecting love at the end of the tunnel? Sucks, </3 Forever Alone."

Next to the Love Tunnel, Zack enters a creeper with a button inside. Being distracted on seeing the TNT, he falls into the hole and fell out of the world.

After returning to the amusement park, Zack tries to buy T-Shirts but then realized the chest were blocked.

The next attraction is shaped as a fish. The goal is to catch a fish in the stream of water which Zack believes can't be done. Dispite Ninja's claims that he caught not one but two fish from the stream. Trololinda taunts Zack by constantly saying, "Excuse me, catch a fish."

Afterwards, Zack visits the Food Court and points out the food was only for display.

On the last attraction, he has to do another jumping game even though he stated he won't do another jumping video. Trololinda helps Zack by placing glass to help him up. At the top, Zack couldn't reach the ladders above. Zack complains about not being able to get up and teleports to Trololinda. At the top, a sign says "If your up here, you cheated" which concludes the episode.


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