Minecraft - I Suck at Jumping - Episode 432

Minecraft - I Suck at Jumping - Episode 432

I Suck at Jumping is the 432nd episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series and the 32nd episode of Season 3.


In this Episode, Zack tries a new jumping game Sickness has made. Adam, Dane, Brett and Brett's friend Mike were also on the call. It's a basic jumping game that is difficult for most people including Zack despite his constant pacing on Stone Blocks.

The rules are basic and simple. You are allowed to break clay and wool but nothing else. Finding hidden Chest is the key to completing a level. However, you only have 9 lives... Diamonds also represent the score you have.

Zack burned in lava many times before completing two levels in Sickness' Jumping Game. After dying a lot, Zack has stated to not do any more jumping games videos.

During the video there is some tension between Zack and Mike. This is due to the time that Zack brought his sticks to Mike's 4th of July pool party and then proceeded to take them on Mike's new diving board dispite constant warnings about taking sticks on the diving board. Zack also vomited on Mike and pooed all over Mike's bathroom later lying to Mike telling him that it was chocolate. The full story can be viewed in a video on Brett's YouTube channel in a video called Why Mike Hates Zack.

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