Minecraft - Episode 404 - Not Found

Minecraft - Episode 404 - Not Found

"They'll never find me..." - ???

Not Found is the 404th Minecraft video made by Zack and the 4th episode of Season 3. This episode takes place in Nova Scottia.


Adam invites everyone to see something amazing that he and Mac found in Nova Scottia, however, this fun adventure soon turns into a brutal fight for their lives!

One by one, each member of the great expedition dies a very bloody death or gets lost on the search for the glitch. Adam says it is some kind of glitch in Nova and they have to go through a glitch to get to it. Kind of like Inception. Eventually, he also decides to tell Zack that he will need some raw chicken for some kind of sacrifice to the mysterious glitch. They then continue to cross the sea in search of the glitch.

By the time they reach their destination at the creepy glitch island, only Zack, Adam, Gerald Darryl and Mac were left alive. That night while going down into the glitch cave, Adam reveals that the name of the being they are looking for is Dilbert. Zack accidentally hits Mac and she plummets to her death in the very dark and cold glitch cave, while Gerald is lost during the glitch cave run.

After Adam and Zack swim out of the cave and back to the surface, Adam says that Dilbert comes out in the daylight. Both eventually walk back to where they started digging on the glitch island.

While Zack was looking down the same hole that Mac fell to her death in, something pushed him in and killed him. Video evidence suggest that no one was around Zack when he was near the hole and people are speculating that it was Dilbert who did the deed. They believe he was upset that Zack did not bring raw chicken as a peace offering or that Dilbert had brainwashed Adam earlier and made him lead players to the island so he could kill them himself. The video does glitch out with a mystery creature

They'll never find me

saying "They'll never find me..." and an eerie picture of a dark being, possibly of Dilbert, appears for a brief moment and then it fades to darkness.


  • The name 'Episode 404 - Not Found' is in relation into the 404 error.

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