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Minecraft - Iron Golems (1.2 Pre-release) - Episode 403

Episode 403 - Iron Golem (1.2 Pre-release) was an episode that was filmed by Zack Scott on Feburary 27, 2012. It covers the latest features from the 1.2 Snapshot. The episode is part of the ZackScottGames Minecraft series, in season three.


The episode was a basic coverage of the new Iron Golems and Redstone Laterns. It spanned about 15 minutes taking place in the 1.2 Snapshot in singleplayer.

Zack starts by announcing the new height block limit is extended to 255 blocks high. Zack also demonstrates how Iron Golems will be patrolling Scottland and tossing any evil mobs. He demonstrates the potental of Redstone Laterns to be added in modern buildings in Scottland and Nova Scottia.

He then shows the next feature of upside-down stairs by demonstrating a new and unique style of windows that can be made.

Zack finally demonstrates how Iron Golems take around 14 hits with a diamond sword before wrapping up the video.


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