Cantina is the 380th episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series. It was released on February 3rd, 2012. The episode was used to showcase a new and ingenious creation near the old Kim Jong-Il monument and Rozz's old property. Bigman0192 created the Cantina and Zack showcased it. It was filled with the normal ZackScott monologue, but was notably a short episode, spanning only eight minutes. This is the only video featuring an intact Bigman creation.

Minecraft - Episode 380 - Cantina

Minecraft - Episode 380 - Cantina


The episode was a showcase video to display a new creation to Scottland. BigMan took time out of his way to build the Cantina, from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Of course, since Minecraft is a block generated world, the Cantina ended up in a rectangular shape, instead of an oval or a spherical meeting grounds. But for the most part, the Cantina was very accurate. ZackScott took time to meet at BigMan's Cantina. One minute into the video, he was almost sidetracked by the School of Magic, but was quickly dismissed of his distractions by Tristen and BigMan. In the beginning, Sam tried to trap Zack with cobblestone, but failed. He was forced to later go to the Cantina with Zack. The video continued with Zack populating the meeting grounds with Villagers and continuing the tour.

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