Cemetery Update is the 375th episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series and the 175th episode of the second season.
Minecraft - Episode 375 - Cemetery Update

Minecraft - Episode 375 - Cemetery Update


Zack begins in the Gay Bathhouse, and begins making his way over to the National Archives, noting that the doorbell works on and off.

He mentions several items of note, including the coming change of Mac's Seasonal Statues, the start of his new Megaman 6 videos, an update to ZackScottPets, and a new LOL Replay.

He notes that a blank spot in the Archives has been filled, and implores everyone who has bought a T-Shirt that is not already in the Archives to send him their order number so he can fill in the spots.

He expresses regret for not sooner honoring MolotovMilkshake, finally placing her in the Cemetery. He states that she is allowed back onto the server at any time, and even pleads her to come back and have fun with them again.

He then shows the times a few members were last seen. Following this, Zack shows all the space remaining for people to be placed into the Cemetery. He leaves the Cemetery, stating that its purpose is to honor former players, and again expresses regret for not sooner placing Mol in there.

He heads for Nova Scottia, and begins exploring loganschill's new house built by ThePhantomMence, noting that their feud has been resolved. He pops in for a quick look ather basement, and leaves, noting that he likes the style of this house. He also reveals that Brett, Lauren and Frederick have made another house together elsewhere.

Zack ends off eating watermelons and noting his plans to build some massive farms in Scottland after finishing the Underwater City.


  • MolotovMilkshake was last seen on August 5th, 2011.
  • BVGamer was removed from the Cemetery, as he was never an official member, and is not honored as a former player.
  • Zack states he has no qualms with grave-digging.
  • Zack is constantly texted thoughout the recording.
  • ThePhantomMence and LDShadowLady make cameos throughout the video.
  • Zack is the only commentator during the episode.
  • The BIG REVEAL coming is on Episode 399, as noted on the Nova bulletin board.

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