My First Night is the second episode of Zack Scott's Minecraft Let's Play series and Part 2 of the Noob Trilogy.


Continuing directly after Ep. 1, Zack admires the beauty of the sunset, unaware of his future. He begins to wander while in awe of the night, when he is distracted by a creeper jumping around. He punches it a few times and curiously approaches it and is subsequently killed. For the rest of the night, Zack is continually attacked by mobs out in the open, being killed 5 times.

Minecraft - Episode 2 - My First Night

Minecraft - Episode 2 - My First Night

Memorable Quotes

  • "Don't look at me! I want some MOAR BEEF!"
  • "Do you know what I could do with 16 blocks? 'Cause I don't."
  • "This game is incredibly hard."

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