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A sign where Lizzie's house stood.


Episode 299 - Who Blew It Up? is an episode of Zack Scott's Minecraft series in which LDShadowLady's house was supposedly blown up by Tallman.

In a video posted by Mac (called Mac Craft 8 - Whodunnit?), it shows Tallman placing the blocks of TNT and setting them off.

Due to the fact that LDShadowLady's area was blown up just before the 300 download, it was still destroyed in the downloaded map.


  • This phrase was first used in one of bNoid's foreign lands videos with Zack Scott, called 'Minecraft 40 - Who Blew It Up?', where they checked out another server. Someone used the phrase when Mac supposedly blew something up, and the server guide asked, "Who blew it up?", near the end of the video. It has been a running phrase on Brock's video ever since.


Who Blew it Up? - Episode 299

Mac Craft 8 - Whodunnit?

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