Total Noob is the series premiere of Zack's Minecraft series and the first part of the Noob Trilogy.

Minecraft - Episode 1 - Total Noob

Minecraft - Episode 1 - Total Noob


With a complete lack of knowledge what to do, Zack explores different terrains including snow and water. After learning to jump, he finds and slaughters countless harmless animals (likely due to their asymmetry) and then goes on to pick flowers while laughing maniacally. He finds a dark cave and bravely ventures in where he is attacked and surprised by a creeper, gets confused by the eating feature, and is killed by another creeper.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I don't even know what this is about..."
  • "It's a lamb... or a chicken."
  • "I'm gonna make about 5 to 7 episodes of Minecraft"


  • Zack saying "I'm gonna make about 5 to 7 episodes" has been quoted a few times in later episodes, such as mmp2011 in episode 200 when players left signs saying nice things about Zack and his minecraft video's. Players have made jokes about how many episodes have been made before and after that. Zack made a LOL Replay about it titled "5 to 7 Episodes...?"
  • Zack compared Minecraft to QWOP multiple times, asking if this game was a joke.
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