Minecraft - Episode 167 - Lizzie's Chest

Minecraft - Episode 167 - Lizzie's Chest

Zack begins in his house, with Rozz as a co-commentator. He finds a TNT block at the foot of the stairs of his house, and initially moves it into Mac's secret room, but keeps it instead.

Zack then teleports to the Welcome Center, and notes that the doorbell chime is broken, so he fixes it.

Zack goes to the graveyard, noting that there was an explosion earlier in there, but finds that NinjaMarion had fixed it. At this point he notes that he had no specific point for this video. He then walks over to the Shadow Lands, and is surprised at how different it is compared to the last time he was there. He finds "Lizzie's chest". Then Rozz and Zack banter back and forth about feminine products. Zack freaks out over squid being in the water, and then paces some more. He ends the video while spinning, mentioning that he had sent packages to Lizzie and George.

Notable Events

  • Zack mentions that TNT can no longer be triggered by being punched.
    • He also mentions that sheep yield more wool than before, using a pair of shears.
    • Squid are more common.
  • The notes for his doorbell are 10 clicks (E) and 6 clicks (C).
  • Zack notes that doors emit purple sparks when opened and closed.
  • Zack wishes that areas could be assigned as designated sleeping areas.

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