The ShadowLands is the 134st episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series. It is part of 1st Season and was released on May 30th, 2011.

Minecraft - Episode 134 - The ShadowLands

Minecraft - Episode 134 - The ShadowLands

Shadowlands 1

Lizzie leads Zack to the then unnamed "Shadow Lands".


During this episode, the increasingly popular new member, Lizzie leads Zack and Ashley to her new area, now known as The Shadow Lands . Before reaching the destination there is talk among Ashley, Zack, George and Lizzie that the new update to the game is bugged and unsatisfactory. The episode takes place at night in Scottland which makes all the bright and bubbly sculptures and buildings in The Shadow Lands, including a giant statue of a chicken with glowing eyes, seem much more sinister than they really are. George doesn't find the chicken statue odd at all as he thought chickens in the United States had glowing eyes.

Everyone seems to agree how cool Lizzie's area is, which is pretty much a whole village. Zack asks Lizzie if she has come up with a name for the area yet(throwing out the suggestion "LizzieTown"). George gets a laugh from everyone when he suggests "Lizzie's Naughty Town". Ashley then suggests "The Shadow Lands" which everyone agrees is an awesome name and it eventually sticks.

Shadowland 4

The chilling chicken statue

The rest of the episode consists of Zack, Lizzie and Ashley fighting off Zombies and Creepers(Zack's only contribution to the battle is the killing of a pig). After Lizzie shows George's house to Zack, he suggests to Mac (who is also on the call) that they need blow it up, to the audible annoyance of George.


  • The episode is notable for a discussion about some curry that George had eaten recently(that apparently was the "best").
  • Zack actually plotting with Mac to destroy something in Scottland, even if it is in a joking manner.
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