Minecraft - Episode 133 - TiredCraft Trap Doors

Minecraft - Episode 133 - TiredCraft Trap Doors

TiredCraft Trap Doors is the 133rd episode of ZackScott's Minercraft series.


Zack filmed the episode in Scottland after a sleepless night of playing werewolf.

Zack first goes on a mission to kill himself inside Ashley's house. After several failed attempts, he jumps into some lava. During the episode Zack continues to fall asleep, saying things such as "Really, you ordered that many masks?" to some stairs, and saying "spanish block" when cutting down a tree.

Other things said during the video:

  • "I spend too much time picking pizza." -while walking around.
  • "Maybe you're into yoga." -while in a chest.
  • "I guess I'll get a toothpick." -about a pickaxe
  • "Where's my dog?" -while walking around.

He notes at the end of the video that he had done nothing but place trapdoors and hit them.

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