A picture of an Ender Dragon.

The First Encounter

The Ender Dragon made its first appearance in Scottland in Episode 311 - Cheated Dragon Attack! where it destroyed much of the old Scottland (but at the time main) area. After trying and failing a few times, a dragon was finally spawned. The dragon destroyed everything it touched and caused quite an issue for the players. Zack and other players flew with creative mode and eventually took it down on top of the land which would one day become the school of magic.

Near the end of the episode, after the dragon was slain, Zack entered the End Portal, and in the process caused the server to crash when he took out one of the towers.

The reason that the dragon was spawned was because Zack had just backed up the server and people wanted to see how much the dragon would destroy.

The Nova Scottia Dragon

Since they weren't able to find a real Stronghold in Scottland, the players found one in Nova Scottia and traveled to kill the Enderdragon in "Episode 362 - The End...Sort Of..." The mission was done by Zack, Ashley, Mac, Brett, Spin, Moesboy, and Bigman. With none of them having arrows they had a difficult time killing the Enderdragon. Ashley ultimately landed the final blow on the dragon and became the first member to kill an official Enderdragon.

Subsequent Fake Outs

  1. After Zack implemented the DisguiseCraft mod at the request of Heartben, him along with other players used the mod to disguise themselves as Enderdragons and scare players. In "Minecraft - DisguiseCraft Trolling" Adam disguised himself as an Enderdragon and terrorized iWolfyyy with the help of Zack.
  2. In Swimmingbird941's video "Minecraft: Lauren Trolls Spawn" him and Tasman chased drunk Lauren around disguised as mobs. Adam eventually disguised himself as an Enderdragon, scaring Lauren. Lauren exclaimed:
    • "l;gyD'"
    • "GUYS"
    • "wat the shit it thought this guy was in the bottom"

The Beacon World Dragon

During the Scottland Beacon challenge build contest, Wolfsorrow traveled to the End in the Beacon World and slayed the Enderdragon and retrieved his egg for his Beacon build. He placed the egg within the cathedral of his build surrounded by beacons. This was shown during his showcase in "Minecraft - Firedrake (Beacon Challenge)".

The Second and Final Encounter

With the contract between Markus and Zack having ended in "Episode 806 - Outback Steakhouse" and Zack not following up on his promise to play "Imagine Babyz Fashion DS", Markus took it upon himself to destroy the server. However, with the size Scottland had reached by Episode 800 he was unable to do it all by himself so he summoned the aide of three Enderdragons. The three Enderdragons destroyed the Old Scottland area along with portions of the Scottland Cemetery, Magic School, and the Welcome Center. Like the dragon that attacked 494 episodes ago, the dragons primarily stuck to the Old Scottland - destroying the entirety of Ashley's Treehouse and Great Scott. This allowed the combined forces of Zack, Ashley, Sir Dredgery, and Minorminer to take down the three dragons. The first two dragons perished relatively next to each other in the intersection of Great Scott and the graveyard. Ultimately Ashley killed the last dragon once more and its egg landed on top of the Zack's first major build, the Scott Mining Corporate stairs. Ashley fell into the portal in an attempt to retrieve the egg and was killed by the original Enderdragon of Scottland.

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