Hey home chickens, Zack Scott here. We need a page about the Dr. Who series on this Wikia. We just filmed a long episode where we went on a HUGE Doctor Who tangent, and we need to sort fact from fiction. Hey Brett here, this page is about DR.WHO, not Doctor Who.

The best Doctor is the 4th - Moesboy

You forgot to factor in the exchange rate. Four Doctors Canadian = Ten Doctors American. Hence Ten is the best. - Ninja

Ah, but you see they are both tied for best. - Jdude

Dr. Who is a scy-fy movie based off the Johnn Twankin autobiography. The story revolves around a self-loathing doctor who uses his motorcyle to travel through time to fix all the wrong doing in the past, future, and present.

The Doctors to date are.

First Doctor Tilda Twain 1945–12
Second Doctor Chase Yarner 1912–014
Third Doctor Swin Warper 19014–78
Fourth Doctor Moesboy 1978–69
Fifth Doctor Cats Parker 1969–02
Sixth Doctor Sidney Poitier 1902–04
Seventh Doctor Tid Marks 2004–89, 1996
Eighth Doctor Panky Talldoon 1999, 2013
War Doctor Michael Jackson 2013-2009
Ninth Doctor Madonna 1999- December
Tenth Doctor Aaron Pitts December- 2010
Eleventh Doctor Precious  2010-1069
Twelfth Doctor Hugh Jass 1069-7
Thirteenth Doctor Duki Nuki 7-present


Dr. Who - The main character. He loves his best bud and will do anything to keep the mustaches of the world in a nice trim condition.

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