Cult symbol

A Cult Symbol Found on top of Scottland Welcome Centre.

The Cult Symbols were found numerous times during Zack Scott's Minecraft series. One of the notable ones was on top of the Scottland Welcome Center. For a while, no one knew who made them. However, later it was revealed that Kate and Antyanthony had made them.

Antyanthony's Minecraft skin features the cult symbols and Kate briefly had a matching skin.

Mmp2011 was a brief member as well as NinjaMarion which culminated in the sacrificial burning of Brock in order to appease the Minecraft Gods.

During Minecraft - Episode 208 - Removing Cult Symbols , Zack decided to tidy up the cult symbols before going to the 'boner museum', One was found floating above Zack's house, another was found in front of the 'sex jacuzzi' and the final cult symbol was found on top of the Scottland Welcome Center.


  • The cult symbol is similar to an Ankh. Whether or not this was intentional, or whether there was any motive behind the design of the symbol is unknown....
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