Creeper Union (aka CU) is a Minecraft server run by Crazykickasskate and Russellian . The server started early May 2011, with Kate and a few friends and later branched out into the werewolf community, and grew tremendously.

Very few Scottland players know of the Creeper Union, although Spintown , Lizzie and George did visit on certain occasions.


Pre-Creeper Union Servers

(April 2011-May 2011)

bNoidia Prime

This server started in early April of 2011 and was run by iRawb and Russellian. Originially intended to be used to play Werewolf in Minecraft for the members of WolfNoid (then called bNoid), a Werewolf 'village' (similar to the one on Scottland) was built, but never used. Instead, many of the members that would make up the future Creeper Union servers were slowly added and started to build houses and expand the small, fenced off area allotted for Werewolf. These users included Kate, Cal, awkardazn, muicey (vicariously through Jonjoseph), and at the last minute, Greggyrawrr. The server became laggy after several TNT events and so was closed down.

bNoidia 2.0

This server started directly after bNoidia Prime in mid-April and was again run by iRawb and Russellian. This server was created not for Werewolf, but as a standard survival server. Many of the users that would go on to form the future iterations of Creeper Union were added, such as Ringoes, sillylooter, beccaxnoel, and Kwasitmoto along with namron9, awkardazn, and jankis. There were others added near the end of the server's life such as hippid, ventus, JustinMcDonaldDP, and NinjaMarion. Near the completion of Kate's metro system connecting all the different areas on the server, Russellian, Kate, Awkardazn, and beccaxnoel made plans for what would eventually become Creeper Union 1. bNoidia 2.0 lived on shortly after the opening of Creeper Union, but activity quickly died and the server was shut down as a result.

Creeper Union Opens

(May 2011 - October 2011)

Creeper Union 1 ("CU1")

Started early in May of 2011, run by Kate, Russelliann and beccaxnoel, with WolfNoid members from various other short-lived servers. Kate put a thread on WolfNoid inviting others to join the server and the server took off in popularity. The server ran for a few weeks before Kate had to start making Bukkit command limits due to mass lag and fast production. The server had grown to about 20 people before it had to be destroyed because of the mass lag that overran the server. Creeper Union 1 was shut down and replaced by the more well known server.

Creeper Union 2 ("CU2")

Started directly after Creeper Union 1 had been shut down. It consisted of the same members of the old server, and some new members, but only Kate, Russellian, and Beccaxnoel had Mod powers this time. The server grew a lot slower than the old server and is more well known than the original, and eventually got to about 30 members strong. The server became even more popular as a result of Kate joining

2011-06-20 00.16.02

Creeper Union 2 Spawn

Scottland, and a visit from bNoid in a Foreign Lands episode. This server, however, also came to an end a few months after it was created. The price of the server became too large to handle and CU2 had finally made a decision to shut it down. The members of CU were deeply depressed by this news, and tried to pull money together as a last ditch effort, but failed. As a result, Creeper Union died for a time.

First Hiatus

(October 2011 - November 2011)

Creeper Union: ElderQuest ("CU:EQ")

Creeper Union migrated to the public ElderQuest server for a short time after the death of Creeper Union 2. CU:EQ consisted of a small village in the far region of the server. The main village was located in a swampy biome built partly on water and partly on a hill. CU:EQ only consisted of a few members of the original CUs, these being Kate, Shye, Greggy, asdfghjkl, Shadowgun29, vestin, javamonkey, kiwi_skywalker, jevans_606, muicey, mmp2011, and Olirulz_747. The Server only went for a few weeks before the members got bored with the server resets that occured to often and resulted in a loss of so much land (and the server was shut down) and migrated to the Zombie server.

Creeper Union: Zombie ("CU:Z")

Several Creeper Union members met up in a zombie server until CrU was rebooted. CU:Z only consisted of little members of CU, these being Kate, mmp2011, Shye, Greggy, Russellian, shadowgun29, asdfghjkl, javamonkey, mrdaveraves and muicey. CU:Z was a survival based game with all building and destroying abilities turned off. The server was also public, but there was a CrU clan with only certain CU members allowed. CU:Z got overrun by Kate Fans, that followed CU:Z everywhere while it was running. The server was populated by CU for about 4 weeks before they left after a couple of bannings.

2011-11-23 23.31.58

Creeper ReUnion members

2011-11-24 082220

CrU Main town

Creeper ReUnion ("Creeper Union Reunion", "CrU ", or "Creeper Union 3")

(November 2011)

An attempted revival server opened in late November 2011. A few original members joined along with some new faces: Kate, jevans_606, Shye, muicey, asdfghjkl, mrdaveraves, javamonkey, animeheart, Greggy, and Russellian. Months after Creeper Union had shut down, Kate had decided to make a new server. Eventually; CrU was reborn in a new world with new members. The Server consisted of a small town in the middle of a forest biome, and was once "destroyed" as a joke by Kate and the other members. CrU was closed down due to a lack of money and a terrible server host.

Second Hiatus

(November 2011 - February 2012) After CrU closed and around the holiday season, a few members quit playing Minecraft altogether and activity on other servers dropped completely. Around the end of January, iRawb, the creator of the bNoidia server, opened a new server which most of the Creeper Union members joined and still currently play on.

Misfit Toys (working title)

(February 2012 - present)

A new server was opened mid-February 2012 by Kate and is currently being hosted by Johan.


Creeper Union has had several members throughout its many iterations. Some are still active, some were banned, and some left Creeper Union on their own.

Active Members

  • Russellian: Co-creator and former Admin of Creeper Union.
  • crazyguynl (Johan): Joined during Misfit Toys. Current server provider.
  • higurashi_606 (jevans_606/Jon): Joined during CU2. Minecraft-engaged to animeheart.
  • sillylooter (Jankis/Max): Original member of CU1.
  • muicey: Original member of CU1. Minecraft-engaged to mmp2011.
  • GreggyRawrr (Greggy): Original member of CU1.
  • Shye: Orignal member of CU1.
  • Shadowgun29 (Coleslaw): Original member of CU1.
  • Kwasimoto (JavaAttack/David): Joined near the end of CU1.
  • MissUnderstood (Alethia): Joined during CU2.
  • nukacolanewt: Joined during CU2.
  • Olirulz 747 (Oli): Joined during CU2.
  • kewcskywalker (asdfghjkl): Joined during CU2. Minecraft-engaged to kazuto_azuma
  • rayhole (Pairadice): Joined during CU2.
  • Devilfish101 (Jeremy): Joined during CU2.
  • kazuto_azuma (Kazu): Joined during CU2. Minecraft-engaged to kewskywalker
  • hisnameisfluffy (Fluffy): Joined during CU2.
  • Eatsrainbows42: Joined during CU2.
  • Lightcoria (Darkonis): Joined during CU2.
  • HisNameIsFluffy: Joined just before CU2 closed.
  • mmp2011 (Michaela): Joined during CU:ElderQuest. Minecraft-engaged to muicey.
  • animeheart: Joined during CrU. Minecraft-engaged to Jon.
  • mrbritishtroll (MrDaveRaves/Dave): Joined during CrU. Kate's toyboy!
  • griffan: Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • dullestcookie (James): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • airwalked ("Gay" Greg): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • Lst10000: Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • Skelldude (Jay): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • spark_kid/muynameisdrew (Drew): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • YinYang (Ricky): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • _iRawb (Rob): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • zanalander: Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • crondom (markpcronin): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • cjlacraoix: Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • yoshifan10000 (nyancat900): Joined during Misfit Toys.
  • Tollian: Joined during Misfit Toys, Is one of the OPs/Admins

Inactive Members

  • NinjaMarion: Original member of CU1. Left shortly after CU1 was opened.
  • JustinMcDonaldDP (JustinDP): Original member of CU1. Left shortly after NinjaMarion left.
  • AwkardAzn: Co-creator of Creeper Union. Left shortly before CU2 closed. "Married" to BeccaXnoel.
  • BeccaXnoel: Co-creator of Creeper Union. Left shortly before CU2 closed. "Married" to AwkardAzn.
  • Shadyle: Secondary member of CU2. Left after the server closed.
  • Eurocanard: Joined during CU2. Left after the server closed.
  • Vestin: Joined during CU2. Vestin is currently inactive, but he hopes to return some day.
  • Ringo: Originally a member of bNoidia Prime that later joined CU2. Left after the server closed.
  • Glocklan: Joined during CU2. Lachlan is sometimes active.
  • Griffan: Who the fuck knows?

Banned/Kicked Members

  • Pimpolay: Original CU1 member that was kicked for inactivity.
  • EuroFishey: Joined during CU1. Kicked for inactivity.
  • Genuineracing: Joined during CU2. Banned for stealing TNT and blowing up an island.


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