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Episode 188 - Urban Renewal

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Episode 904 - Deadpool

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Crazykickasskate (aka Kate) is one of the 4 British members of Scottland alongside Lizzie, George, and Oli. She is notable for her accent, and for being one of the better builders in Scottland.

She has built many things including the Jedi Temple, The SSV Normandy SR-2, The Research Center, a Secret Base,a Maze,a small solar system,and a much,much larger one. Upon arrival on the server, Kate worked on the arena that Brock had started, helping to complete it.

She was one of Spintown 's slaves alongside other members mmp2011, and Tallman until she quit, regarding 'mistreatment' of slaves.

Kate is one of the players who built the Cult Signs around Scottland, the other being Antyanthony.

Many people ask Kate to say "naughty" because of the way she says it.

Hunger Games

Kate has a special server set aside for a current series of hers based off of the Hunger Games. There are four Rounds, with a fifth round for the winners to compete in one final competition.


  • Kate became good friends with mmp2011 while both were slaves for the Cobble Bitch.
  • Kate was invited by Brock after a supposed good impression of her from her work on the wolfnoid forum.
  • Kate and Spin have a love hate relationship, while appreciating the work Kate put to the "Bitch" Spin is spiteful that Kate might be a better digger.
  • Jonathugg frequently made fun of Kate for her accent, with Kate always having a witty remark to sling back.
  • Kate and George typically flirted with each other in chat and also kissed during the firework show during their trip to the Disneyland server.
  • Kate has also flirted with SwimmingBird941 and iWolfyyy.
  • Kate was in a relationship with YouNad but have since broken up.


  • "Naughty."
  • "Hotdog."
  • "Can't"
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